Well….2020, has officially been the year of the unexpected for our family and learning to roll with the punches.  We started the year out super excited for our sunrise Yosemite wedding in May with our family from all around the country.  Come April, we realized that was not going to happen…with all of the Covid restriction, my husband being placed on a travel ban, and several family members with medical conditions…we decided to cancel our California trip and wedding.  We were kind of at a stalemate at this point, we had been so pumped for a Yosemite wedding; and we were so uncertain what the rules would be moving forward that we didn’t even want to plan a new wedding.  So when New Hampshire announced their new rules in June, we decided to go for it.  We love to hike and knew that we wanted mountain views for our wedding.  I spent so much time googling mountain view venues that had lodging.  One of my big needs was a place with lodging so our family didn’t have to stay in hotels and eat in restaurants.  I stumbled upon Cobb Hill Estate and fell in love, they were super accommodating to our needs and wants.  The venue is practically a blank canvas with the ability to make it into whatever you want.  So we moved forward in booking and began the crazy process of planning a wedding in under a month!

I was pretty up in the air about all of the details; I knew I wanted to eat outside if possible, have rainbow wildflowers, and have yummy wedding cake.  Our family and friends truly made it all come together for us, they helped us find vendors, took my photos from pinterest that I loved and help my lose vision come to life.  The day was absolute perfection, I could not have asked for anything better.  The views were phenomenal, the food was amazing, and the weather was to die for!

Enjoy some of our photos from the dream team:

Photographer: Alison Marie Photography

Venue: Cobb Hill Estate

Florals: Eastview Flowers

Gown: Pearl Bridal

Makeup: 5 Diamond Salon


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  1. Absolutely gorgeous Brooke!! We’re so happy that you and your husband and family were able to have a perfect day!! Cheers to a future filled with love, peace and happiness!!