Have you heard about the new trend of adventure elopements?!  I would love to take some time today to talk about them and share my thoughts and some advice!

Elopements are a break from traditions, they give the couple freedom from planning a big wedding and lots of overwhelming choices!

When it comes to planning your elopement, the first place to start is what speaks to your soul…

Do you love to hike and spend most of your free time lost in the forest?

Does your heart yearn to travel and you like to visit new places and have a travel bucket list?

Is the ocean your happy place?

Once you have a vision of where you want the wedding to take place…

Start to think about if you want to hike to the location, or do you want a shorter, more accessible walk.  That’s where I come in!  I can help you find the perfect spot; whether it’s deep in the forest or a sweet spot that’s a walk from the road.  I love the White Mountains of New Hampshire and spend lots of free time hiking and exploring there!  This Flume Gorge elopement is the perfect example….most people don’t know that the gorge is open in the winter or what to expect.

Planning Coordination: Alisonmarie Photography

Makeup and Hair: Honey Hair and Beauty

Gown: Shein

Location: Flume Gorge

Planning an adventure elopement and looking for a photographer, email me at [email protected]

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