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Devan and Peter eloped in LA, where they live last year during Covid.  So they had planned a large elopement celebration at Devan’s mother’s house in Northampton.  All of the flowers and decor were DIY, even Devan’s dress was changed by her aunt the night before the wedding….and I love how it all came together! […]

Zummie and Ben’s wedding was so spectacular!  The couple had been planning an outdoor, backyard elopement for a few months with me.  And then the day before the wedding, the weather was forecasted to be 34 degrees and rainy; so the couple pivoted the event to be inside their home. Zummie and her sisters decked […]

Venue: Boston Commons Planner: Pop the Knot Officiant: Laura Assade

Chaitanya and Elizabeth had a beautiful elopement in Bennington, VT.  They rented a stunning farm house in the mountains, 1510 Pleasant Valley Road, and celebrated the day with 20 of their closest friends and family.  Chaitanya and Elizabeth’s guests traveled in from all over the country to celebrate this special day with the couple.  The […]

Three reasons to elope! You don’t like the stress of planning a big traditional wedding.  Your elopement can be whatever you want it to be; you can have guests, you can have cake, you can pop a beer or two 🙂  There are literally no rules to eloping; without a venue setting guidelines and time […]

Have you heard about the new trend of adventure elopements?!  I would love to take some time today to talk about them and share my thoughts and some advice! Elopements are a break from traditions, they give the couple freedom from planning a big wedding and lots of overwhelming choices! When it comes to planning […]