Acadia National Park Elopement

February 22, 2021

An adventure elopement is an epic joining of two people in nature.  Traditionally elopements have take part in courthouses, but now couple’s are starting to elope on mountain tops or on the rocky coastline of Maine 🙂  This is perfect for adventurers, outdoor lovers, those who feel the most alive in nature, and people who aren’t afraid to get their feet dirty.
We started the day off on at Jordan Pond, and it was FREEZING!  The pictures are so gorgeous, but these two are serious rock stars!  I was dressed in three layers and had snow pants on and was still cold….it was in the teens with wind blowing off of the pond.  I love the interaction between the two of them, and their outfits are to die for!
We ended the day on the Otter Cliffs with a gorgeous sunset off the coast.  I loved the deep colors of the rocks and pine trees, and how they played off of the navy jacket and fur shrug.  We celebrated the end of the shoot with confetti and cake!  I hope you enjoy these images as much as I do 🙂
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