Vendor Spotlight: Events by Jackie M

I am so excited to share an exclusive interview with Jackie Martucci from Events by Jackie M.  She is a wedding planner and coordinator, and general wonder woman.  I adore her as a person and love working alongside her, she makes a wedding day run seamlessly.

Why should couples hire a professional event planner?

How much time do you have?  Seriously though, couples should consider hiring a professional to handle the details of their wedding for a ton of great reasons.  Here are my top 3:

1.       We are huge stress relievers!  The peace of mind that comes with dealing with a capable and competent planner who can handle every aspect of your day is priceless.  We are going to be your sounding board through the entire process.  We can offer a critical eye when it comes to details and we can offer sage advice for just about anything.   And sometimes, it just feels really good to unload all of the things that have been running through your head (and Pinterest Board!) onto someone who is a calm, neutral party.

2.       We’ve done this before! We have loads of professional expertise, insider knowledge, and we know how to manage all the moving parts of your event.  And trust us, there are a lot of moving parts!

3.       We will help you navigate the yucky stuff.  Do you have a family member who is going to make the photo session awkward or uncomfortable?  Are you butting heads with your mother about flowers?  Are you not sure how to seat divorced parents or siblings who aren’t on speaking terms?  Is the forecast calling for buckets of rain?  We’ve got that!

Honestly, your wedding planner often becomes you mediator and people manager.  We want your day to run smoothly and having a plan for unforeseen circumstances (your “Plan B” or even “Plan C”) is something we excel at.

What should couples look for when hiring a planner?

Someone you feel connected to! Not only should you be seeking an experienced and professional planner, but you should also be working with someone that you have a respectful, comfortable relationship with.  Seriously, you should feel good when you make this decision!

It’s important that you feel like you can trust this person.  You are going to spend a lot of time communicating with this person and their team.  They need to know every single detail of your day in order to make it a success.  Trust them enough to share the difficult stuff and trust them enough to execute your vision on the day.

What makes your business different than others?

We stand out because we truly value the relationships that we build with our clients, and we really want to make your day incredible.  I’ve been told on a number of occasions that I have a great poker face.  When *stuff* is really hitting the fan, I can remain calm, cool, and collected and find a solution (We have stories, feel free to ask us!!).

My team has also been hailed for their ability to anticipate client needs.  We are often told that we are somehow “in more than one place at one time.”  I love that we can surprise our clients that way and be there when they need us.  We value honesty and we value communication.  It makes me really proud, especially of the people who are working with me.

What piece of advice would you offer to brides and grooms?

I have loads of advice!  Probably the biggest thing I would stress to couples is to hire a professional team.  Weddings are expensive and so much goes into them.  They are great fun and they exist to establish some terrific memories but, without professional help, they can quickly spiral into a stressful, overwhelming event.  Don’t let that happen to you.

Hire professional people with experience.  Vet them.  Check their reviews but also ask for a reference if you feel unsure.  Educate yourself about costs (or hire a planner who can help with that!).  Anticipate that some things are going to put you over your intended budget and that you might need to make concessions if you are unwilling to go beyond a certain number.  Make sure you feel comfortable with all of the people you hire, from your caterer to the person doing your makeup to the person taking your photos!  You want to trust these people to make you feel good on your day.  Hire wisely!

And just for fun, what is something no one knows about you?

I’m nuts about recycling.  I’ve been known to rescue bottles, plastic bags, paper bags, cardboard, and other items out of the trash in order to place them in their proper recycling bin home. My family members love catching me in the act and needle me endlessly about it.  I am horrified that they don’t share my affinity for the blue collection bucket.

Oh- and those duck-stuck-in-the-beverage-ring-holder commercials that used to be on all the time?  They scarred me for life.  I cut those suckers into teeny tiny little bits before recycling them so that there is no chance of them ever strangling a duck, turtle, or other wildlife.

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