Tips on Picking a Florist for your Wedding

This week on my vendor spotlight I am featuring the Tangled Grapevine.  Stacey Rackliffe from the Tangled Grapevine creates fantastic pieces and is great to work along side of.

Why should couples hire a professional florist?

Couples should hire a professional florist because a florist can help the couple paint their vision of their wedding day.  Every type of flower, herb, berry or green can evoke a different sensory feeling. From the container right down to how the flower is placed in it, a guest can render special feelings much like looking at a work of art. A bride may know exactly how she pictures her guests will feel on her special day and the professional florist has the medium in which to paint it.


What should couples look for when hiring a florist?

While looking for a florist for their special day, the couple should definitely first and foremost find someone who shares their vision. A professional florist should be able to find the beauty in not only the theme of their special and unique wedding but also the couple themselves. There should be no two weddings the same, no cookie cutter flower pieces, just as unique as every couple. I feel that a guest sould be able to sit at their table, look at the centerpieces and say, THIS is definitely this couple’s wedding!

How much should couples expect to pay for a florist?

Couples should expect to pay slightly higher than your average grocery store bouquet. If they have found the right florist for their event, they should know that their florists’ heart and soul are going into these pieces and it will definitely show on their special day. When their florist is truly a part of their wedding, the florist will go above and beyond to find the right flowers and containers to portray the couples’ vision.


What makes your business different than others?

The Tangled Grapevine is different from many other florists because we sit down with the couple as many times as needed to truly ensure that the couple’s vision of their special day is coming to life. We also offer as much help as needed on that day, whether it is to help plan how the day will go or setting up the room- everything to ensure that the couple will be thoroughly enjoying their day. We also uniquely try to grow our own flowers and fillers when possible, to ensure a quality all of our own. We truly try to use the most different and unexpected flowers and fillers to make people to a second look at our pieces.


And just for fun, What is something no one knows about you?

Many people don’t know that I am also a labor and delivery nurse at a local hospital. It hasn’t happened yet, but i could possibly be your florist for your wedding and then help deliver your babies someday too! And lastly but most importantly, I am the extremely proud momma to my two girls, Lilly and Sage.

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