The 5 Things No One Tells You About Your Wedding

There are SO many wedding blogs out there, you could spend years reading through all the advice for couples getting married. There’s lots of good content out there, but there’s also a lot of stuff that you really don’t need to worry about. Personally, I’ve seen brides with emergency kits that must have cost a fortune to put together! It’s good to be prepared, but chances are, your wedding day will go smoothly.

However, after attending so many weddings, there are a few things that I wanted to share that I feel like don’t get talked about a lot. Hopefully these tips will prevent you from feeling disappointed or having regrets after your wedding is over.

Oh, and you won’t find “it goes so fast” on my list because that’s something you’ll hear from everyone before your wedding. But, that doesn’t mean it isn’t true. It does go SO fast. Be prepared.

#1 – You Won’t Remember the Vows
I’m not saying you’ll get up there and forget what you wanted to say. What’s probably more likely to happen is you’ll be up there, and you’ll see your partner’s mouth moving, but you won’t really hear his or her vows because you’ll be so nervous and caught up in the moment!

It’s a lot like the proposal for most people. You probably remember generally what was said, but it’s difficult to remember the exact words. This is why I love when couples opt for videography at the ceremony. It’s so wonderful to be able to sit down later and really absorb everything your partner said to you on your wedding day.

#2 – You’re Going to Wish You Had More Pictures
No matter how amazing your wedding photographer is, they’re just one person and they can’t be everywhere at once. While you’re getting your portraits taken, there could be something happening at the cocktail hour that won’t be captured.

Having two photographers is an option if you’re concerned about not getting enough photos of your wedding day. I just advise against going the disposable camera route. Sure, you’ll get lots of photos, but most of them will be such poor quality you won’t be able to even make out what you’re looking at. If photography is important to you, ask about a second shooter or more coverage throughout the day.

#3 – You Won’t Be Able to Talk to Everyone
This one kind of depends on how many guests you’re inviting, but if you’re having an average sized wedding (100 guests or more), chances are you aren’t going to be able to talk to everyone individually. If you’re someone who is super into etiquette, this is probably going to bother you.

I’ve seen couples make a real effort to talk to each guest at the reception, but there’s also so much going on, like the dinner, speeches, the cake cutting, and of course, dancing. Your guests will understand if you don’t have time to carry on a conversation. If they were at the ceremony, you probably got to hug them and thank them for being there, so don’t stress too much about getting to everyone during the reception, too.

#4 – Someone is Going to Drink Too Much
Hopefully it’s not you or your brand new spouse… unless that sort of thing doesn’t really bother you. I’ve seen couples get a little too tipsy after too many toasts and celebratory shots, especially if they didn’t eat enough (which is very easy to do).

Drinking too much on your wedding night is not fun, and it’s one of the top regrets people have about their big day. Not only will you feel like garbage the next morning, you might forget parts of the night or end up too sick to enjoy your post-reception plans. If you know what I mean.

#5 – That Slight Discomfort Will Turn Into a Huge Distraction
So, you go in for your final dress fitting and it’s just slightly too tight. Or the boning is scratching you. Or the sweetheart top is just half a cup size too big. This is your final fitting and you wanted to take your dress home today, so you’re hesitant to bring up your concerns, but trust me on this: the slight discomfort you’re noticing now will be a huge distraction on your wedding day.

We’ve all seen a bride who constantly has to pull up her dress and you do not want to be that bride. You want to be able to let loose and feel comfortable dancing, hugging, and eating your delicious meal without pain or discomfort because of a too-tight or ill-fitting dress. Same with shoes and other accessories. If they’re bothering you at all now, try to avoid wearing them on your wedding day.

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