Splurge vs. Save – Planning Your Perfect No-Regrets Wedding

Are you starting to plan your wedding day details? Congrats! This is a super exciting time! But, it can also be an expensive time, as wedding costs can start to add up pretty quickly. In fact, the average wedding in 2018 cost more than $44,000, which was up quite a bit from (just?) $27,000 in 2017. Yikes!

Even though that’s the average, your wedding budget may look less like a Meghan Markle and Prince Harry showstopper and more like a “let’s try to DIY as much as possible” type deal. Even if you’re trying to save money, it isn’t going to be possible (or even advisable) to do everything yourself. Certain things are definitely worth splurging on! There are certain roles that you won’t want to take on, simply because you’ll want to be in the moment and soaking up every single second of your day.

Sitting down and laying out which things you can (and want to) do yourself and which things you want to hire someone to help with is a good first step in the planning process. In this blog, I thought I would give you a few things to think about — and a few questions to ask yourself — so you can get started on the right foot!

Do It Yourself

Let’s start with a few things that I think couples could do themselves if they want to save some money in their wedding budget.


Whether you’re doing a candy bar or more traditional wedding favors, this is definitely something you can DIY ahead of time. Some popular and easy ideas are personalized can koozies, little seed packets, or a local treat like honey, maple syrup, or jam. Since you can get started on this way before your wedding, this makes it a great candidate for the DIY column.

(Some) Decor

This kind of depends on the venue and style of your wedding, but you can definitely DIY at least some of your decor. If you’re feeling crafty, you could tackle the centerpieces, table numbers, escort cards, signage, and even your arbor or arch. I would recommend leaving the florals to a professional unless you are going for a more casual or rustic vibe. In that case, you might be able to even DIY bouquets and arrangements using flowers from the farmer’s market!


This one will really depend on the venue, but if you’re having a backyard or barn wedding you can definitely DIY your beverage station. It’s super easy to make a huge batch of punch and let guests serve themselves. Or, you can just get big buckets of ice and fill them with a variety of bottled beverages. Just as much fun, and no bartenders required!

Do Not Do It Yourself

Now for the things I think you should definitely leave to the professionals… not just because they’re difficult, but because you really want these things to be unforgettable.

Food & Cake

Trust me, even if you’re a professional chef or the best baker in town, you are not going to want to spend the day before your wedding preparing food for your guests. You also don’t want to be stuck in the kitchen on your wedding day making sure the food all looks good and is ready to be served. Let’s leave this for someone else.


I know many couples who have tried to DIY their wedding music… with varying degrees of success. It’s one thing to queue up a playlist for your dinner music, but it’s another thing to have to worry about whether someone’s going to hit “play” for you as you get ready to walk down the aisle. For your speeches, having professional audio equipment is a must (you want everyone to be able to hear) and of course, you want your dance music to sound amazing, too!


I mean, you probably knew this one was coming. Yes, your friends or family members can take photos, but if they don’t have lots of wedding photography experience or the right equipment, the photos aren’t going to turn out at all like you’re expecting. Not to mention, you want everyone to just enjoy being guests at your wedding! Photography is the number one way you’re going to remember your wedding day, and it’s definitely worth hiring a professional.

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