Nicole and Mark | Mt Pollux Engagement

Nicole and Mark just recently got their first puppy together, and she is adorable.  They wanted to schedule their engagement session while she was still little and capture some of those special puppy milestones!  I have three tips for engagement sessions with pups:

  1. Bring a puppy/dog wrangler.  This gives you the chance to take some pictures without your furry friend, but you also aren’t worried about them the whole time.
  2. Bring treats or a squeaky toy…anything that will get the dog’s attention.  It helps get those cute little moments where all three of you are looking at me!
  3. Embrace it….like all things in life, dogs can be unpredictable!  Just enjoy those puppy snuggles, and be okay if your dog isn’t ready to make their modeling debut quite yet!

So enjoy these super cute pictures of Nicole, Mark, and little miss Sadie!

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