New York Wedding Venue Spotlight: Historic Barns of Nipmoose

Why I love it:

Oh my goodness, I cannot say enough good things about this wedding venue.  When I first heard about it from Kristina and Phillip, I was so excited.  They had planned an outdoor ceremony underneath some old birch trees, and a reception that flowed from inside the barns to in front of the fire.  I love the versatility that this venue offers, with multiple barns, the couple can plan different stations and have a reception that encourages their guests to be outside and sit in front of the firepit roasting marshmallows and dancing under the setting sun.  The coordinator there is so helpful, and she goes above and beyond to work with her clients and create their vision.  If you are love mountain views and beautiful barns, check out Historic Barns of Nipmoose.  
What makes your venue unique?

The fully restored Historic Barns of Nipmoose are superb examples of America’s rich agricultural heritage. They are positioned in the center of a 123 acre farm with spectacular views of an agricultural landscape. Besides the beauty of the barns and their location in the upper Hudson River Valley, what is most unique is that all three of the barns are included in a single event.

The German Barn serves initially as the reception and bar site, and later in the evening, as the dance hall. Dinner is held in the Scottish Barn, while the little Corn Crib can be used for memorabilia, gifts, seating cards or coffee and desserts. The most popular location for ceremonies is in front of the aspen grove, but you have a number of other options for where your ceremony could be held. In case of rain, it could be held in the German Barn.

What amenities do you offer?

Three guest bathrooms, one of which is handi-cap accessible.

A bridal suite.

Two gardens and a pond complement the expansive courtyard area.

A parking lot large enough to hold over 40 cars with room for buses.

Staff of generally three men on hand throughout the 5 hour pre-wedding Set-Up period and the wedding to help with parking, vendors and decorations.

Close to 100 oil lanterns hanging from shepherds hooks are placed throughout the site.

Barcelona hanging lights in all three barns.

Rustic furniture for decoration (tables and chairs for dinner are not included)

What advice would you give brides and grooms?

We would recommend that couples visit us because our site is even more beautiful than in the photos. Also, we encourage our couples to be creative with their vision of how to use our barns.

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