Nancy and Thomas | Sudbury Engagement and Elopement

I had such an exciting week with Nancy and Thomas, we photographed their engagement session on Monday and then their elopement on Thursday.  We picked the Wayside Inn in Sudbury for their engagement, and the location was so quaint and New England feeling.  The day of their engagement session was foggy and a little chilly, but I was so glad that we decided to still have the session.  I love the way the fog looks in the back of the images, and her red jacket really sticks out from the background because of it.  It was so nice to spend time getting to know them at the engagement session, they really just have the best time together, whispering in each other’s ears and just giggling with one another.

I met them at the Town Hall in Upton on Thursday morning for their wedding ceremony.  It was such a sweet, intimate wedding surrounded by their family.  I absolutely loved Thomas’ reaction when he saw Nancy walking in to see him, his breath was taken away by her.  I also learned that in Denmark, where Thomas is from, they put their wedding rings on the right hand, so that was an interesting custom to hear about and see in action.  I am so thankful that they spent part of this special week with me!

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