Helping Your Groom-To-Be Feel More Comfortable For Your Photos

If your groom-to-be has been dragging his feet an ho-humming about your upcoming engagement photo session, trust me… you are not the only one who has seen this kind of resistance! In fact, I have had many brides-to-be ask me how they can get their future husbands more excited about taking photos together. It can be a little bit frustrating, but I bet when it comes time for your session, he’s going to be excited and he’ll have so much fun.

The very first thing you need to do if you feel your husband-to-be is ambivalent about the upcoming photo session is just listen to him. Without getting defensive or responding immediately, ask him what his fears or hesitations are. Does he feel uncomfortable in front of a camera? Does he feel weird posing in front of a stranger? Does he feel awkward wearing a suit? Make it a safe space for him to open up and let him talk it out.

I put together a few of the most common fears men have when it comes to getting their photos taken. Chances are, your hesitant fiance is feeling one or more of these, and I’m here to help give you the tools to work through it together!

He Doesn’t Feel He’s Photogenic

He might be worried he’ll hate the pictures because he’s never liked photos of himself. I can say with absolute confidence that you are both more photogenic than you realize! So many couples I have photographed start the session telling me they don’t look good in photos, and they’re instantly surprised at how well they’re turning out. I like to think I have a talent for bringing out the best in people and making them feel totally comfortable… it’s why I’m a photographer, after all! I’ve even had a groom say to me, “that wasn’t as bad as I thought… it was actually fun!” I just love that!

Let him know that he’s not alone, and that lots of people feel they’re not photogenic, but a professional photographer can help him feel more comfortable. Your engagement session is supposed to be fun and relaxed, and I go out of my way to make sure both you and your fiance are having a blast from start to finish!

He’s Nervous About Posing

No one really knows how to intuitively position their body for photos, unless you’re a professional model. I don’t do rigid poses. Instead, I simply couples in a setting that’s beautiful with great lighting, then I give cues to create natural movements and reactions. I might tell you to kiss (slowly so I can grab the shot) or I might tell him to come up behind you and give you a big bear hug. The natural smiles and the playfulness between the two of you is going to create a MUCH better photo than if I positioned you and told you to hold the pose while I snapped photos.

In preparation for your session, you might want to sit down together and look at my engagement sessions to get some ideas for shots you like and connect with. Doing this will help him feel more in control of how the session will go and know what to expect, not to mention, he’ll be excited to know that his preferences were incorporated into the session!

A lot of guys feel a little left out of the decision-making process, and they feel like the bride and the photographer have the ultimate say in what happens during the photo session. If your guy has an opinion he wants to share, that’s amazing! I love when the men contribute their ideas and get involved!

Leave a Little Early

I recommend that couples leave a little earlier than normal when it comes time for their engagement session. You want to be prepared for traffic or backups, because running late can be a stressful situation for both of you, and it can lead to bickering and fights, which is NOT a great situation right before your photo shoot.

On the same note, make sure if it’s an evening shoot that you have time to eat something beforehand and that he doesn’t feel rushed. Sometimes, we have a tendency to hoard the bathroom while we’re getting ready and our guy doesn’t have enough time to shave, brush his teeth, and fix his hair. The last thing you want is to have him feeling uncomfortable or rushed in any way. These photos are important to him, too! Just allow a little extra time for everything, and you should be just fine. Oh, and consider bringing some wine or champagne to the session. They make great props for photos and having a glass of your favorite beverage may help you both relax and loosen up!

My goal is to make your engagement session a super fun time for the both of you! I have had so much success doing this, I just know your husband-to-be will enjoy himself and get into it just as much as you will. If you have specific questions about how to prepare or if your groom wants to discuss the upcoming session, feel free to email or call me and I’d be more than happy to help!


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