Getting Married This Summer? How to Plan Your Wedding Quickly!

Maybe you never envisioned a big, formal wedding. Maybe you are planning an elopement. Maybe you just got engaged and you don’t want to wait to marry the love of your life. There are many reasons a summer wedding might be your dream scenario, but one thing’s for sure… summertime will be here before you know it.

I want to help you plan your wedding quickly, but without sacrificing the things you want most. You absolutely can have a beautiful ceremony and reception with just a few months to plan. While you may not have time to plan everything in the bridal magazine, your guests will still have a great time and you will remember the day fondly, because it will be exactly what you wanted. Plus, you won’t be too stressed to enjoy it. Now that’s a HUGE perk!

So, without further ado, here are five tips to plan your wedding quickly!

#1 – Priorities, Priorities

Since you only have a few months to plan, it’s important to sit down and prioritize your wedding day wishes. You probably won’t be able to go big on everything, but you definitely can go all out on one or two things. I’m guessing since you’re the kind of person who is more spontaneous, you probably won’t mind letting go of a little bit of control.

If something is really important to your partner, but not as important to you, feel free to let them handle that part of the planning. Similarly, if your mom or your future mother-in-law indicates they want to help, find something that’s lower on your priority list and hand over the reins. Keep the stuff that really matters to you for yourself so you can make sure it’s exactly how you want it.

#2 – Lock in Your Vendors

Finding people whose work you adore is definitely one of the first things you’re going to want to do as you plan your summer wedding. If photography is important to you, find your dream wedding photographer first. If you just want to serve your guests an amazing meal and throw a big party afterwards, you might want to start booking appointments with caterers.

This will probably be the most time-consuming part, but once you have your preferred list of vendors, you can start signing contracts and really get started on the planning phase! Most of your vendors will also be able to help you by either referring you to people they’ve worked with in the past, or they can give you tips and advice as you plan the rest of your wedding.

#3 – Choose Your Date

The reason I didn’t list this higher up is because many vendors book out a year or more in advance. Since you only have a few months until your wedding, you may need to pick your wedding date AFTER you talk to your vendors to make sure they all have availability on the same day. If you’re open to a Friday or Sunday wedding, you will probably have more luck finding great vendors who still have openings.

Make a list of the dates that your favorite vendors still have available. As you continue to make calls, cross out any that aren’t going to work (e.g. with your venue or officiant) and any dates that are left standing are the ones you can choose from!

#4 – Send out Invites

Your wedding day is only a few months away, so you don’t really have time to send out Save the Dates. Instead, you’ll want to get your invites in the mail as soon as you have the details nailed down. This will give people enough time to plan and make travel arrangements if necessary.

Typically, invitations go out about 6-8 weeks before the wedding, or sooner than that if it’s a destination wedding. Many wedding calligraphers offer a semi-custom option, which is faster because you don’t have to wait for them to be designed. If you’re crafty, you can even DIY your invites or send a digital version!

#5 – Special Little Details

Now that you have your vendors, date, and invites taken care of, you can start thinking about the little details that will make your day truly special. Maybe you want to come up with some signature cocktails or get to work crafting the perfect dinner playlist. If something speaks to your heart or really showcases what you and your partner are passionate about, be sure to turn it up a notch.

These little details are what your guests will remember years later when your wedding day comes up in conversation. Making sure your personality shines through is so important and you won’t regret spending a little more time on these details!

Planning a wedding this summer and looking for a photographer, email me to see if I have your date available!

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