Five Tips For Choosing The Perfect Engagement Photo Location

Your engagement photos are more than just a special way to show off your ring or get a nice shot for the newspaper or your Save The Date cards. They’re an opportunity to capture exactly who you are as a couple in your everyday life, before you get all glamourous for the wedding day.

It can be easy to get so caught up in the wedding photography that you don’t put as much thought into your engagement session. However, I strongly encourage you to you take some time to think about the story you want to tell with these photos. It’s the perfect opportunity to incorporate your passions and your history together to share the journey you’ve taken as a couple… a journey that will soon culminate in a walk down the aisle and a promise of forever.

Choosing a Location For Your Engagement Photos

The location for your engagement photo session should be something that speaks to you. It’s fairly common for couples to ask me to suggest locations, but really, I think the photos work so much better when it encompasses part of the life you’ve built together.

So, rather than just trying to recreate something you feel in love with on Pinterest, think about approaching your engagement photo location in one of these five ways:

Tell Your Story

Call me sentimental, but I love when couples choose a location where they experienced one of their “firsts” like their first date, where they first met, or their first kiss. The moment we reach the location, I can see the love and magic in their eyes, and I just know the photos are going to be amazing.

A while ago, I did an engagement session for a couple at UCONN where they met and were finishing up their degrees and it turned out so great! Get creative and think about the locations that help tell your love story, even if it’s not a traditionally romantic place.

Capture Your Passions

What are you passionate about? If you love relaxing on your boat in the summertime, think about including that in your photos. Do you love hiking in national parks? I can’t think of anything more more beautiful than a golden hour shot on the top of a mountain peak.

Don’t rule out an incredible indoor location, like among the shelves of your favorite library or inside a quaint ice cream shop. I know there’s some bookworms and foodies out there that would be perfect candidates for fun photo locations like these!

Paint a Picture

The thing about choosing a location for your engagement photos is the fact that most locations (the outdoor ones specifically) look different throughout the year. Are you more drawn to the beautiful bright colors of summer or the muted, rustic colors of autumn? Don’t rule out winter, either! If you’re game to stand outside in colder temperatures, you’ll definitely be rewarded with some stunning shots.

When choosing the time of year for your photos, think about the colors and the features of the seasons. Will they tie into your wedding theme and colors? You also want to make an effort to choose clothes that compliment the season, as well as any accessories that you’re going to use, like blankets. In my opinion, there’s nothing like a splash of mustard yellow in the fall or bright red in the winter.

Family First

Getting engaged is such a monumental occasion because it signifies the beginning of your new family. That’s why I love engagement sessions that highlight the theme of family. You might not think about taking photos in your home at first (because you spend all of your time there), but that’s exactly why they work! Couples are so relaxed and natural when they’re at home, cuddling on the couch or lounging in bed being silly.

If you are set on doing something outside your home, consider a location like the family cabin, a beautiful spot in the backyard, or a favorite vacation spot. And since you’re making your photos all about family, don’t forget to incorporate your furry best friend into some of the shots!

Bucket List

If you want to go big with your engagement photos (and honestly, who doesn’t?) consider checking something off your bucket list at the same time! Travel to a dream destination, rent a hot air balloon, or splurge on that fancy champagne you’ve always wanted to try. This is a really big deal and the perfect time to go all out!

When you want your engagement photos to tell a story, think about what makes you unique as a couple. Whether it’s your love for adventure, the outdoors, or cuddling at home with your pups, let your photographer know and they will be happy to brainstorm some ideas with you! Think about the stories you want to tell with these photos, both today and down the road to your kids and grandkids!

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