Don’t Forget These Wedding Day Essentials: 10 Things to Pack in Your Bag

Packing can be stressful. When you’re packing for your wedding day, you can go ahead and double that stress! However, there are a few key things you can do to greatly reduce your panic and make sure you have everything you need on your big day. Organization is key in order for everything to go smoothly. Planning a wedding can feel chaotic since there are so many moving parts, but everything should come together and it should be smooth sailing the day of if you’ve done a little bit of planning beforehand!

Lots of retailers sell last-minute wedding day kits, but in my opinion, you can put together a few essentials without winding up with a bunch of things you won’t need or use. I’ve put together a list of your wedding day must-haves. With these items in your bag, you’ll be prepared for any last minute issues that might come up!

#1 – Hairspray and/or Bobby Pins

Your hair and makeup team just cleared out and you’re about to make your way to the chapel when you notice a couple wispy hairs that escaped your updo. Don’t worry, it’s nothing that can’t be tamed with a few bobby pins or some good hairspray!

Pro tip: spray the bobby pins with hairspray and they’ll stay in your hair during even the most energetic dance numbers!

#2 –  Tide To Go Stick and White chalk

Here’s another dynamic duo that might just save the day. Tide To Go can work out most stains. In the event you encounter something a little more stubborn, rub over the spot with white chalk. It’ll help lift the stain and also mask any remnants, especially if it’s a grease or oil-based stain.


#3 – Earring Backs

Like socks in the dryer, you’ll be hard-pressed to find your earring back once it becomes lost. Having extras on hand will help both you and your bridesmaids in the event that one goes missing. No one wants to lose jewelry, especially if it’s your “something borrowed.”

#4  – Double Stick Tape

You’ve tried on your dress dozens of times and roleplayed many scenarios like dancing and greeting guests. Now all of a sudden, you notice a gaping neckline when you lean a certain way or a loose hem. Double sided tape helps when you need a quick fix. It holds material together and also helps it adhere to your skin when necessary.

#5 – Lint Roller

Whether your dog is your ring bearer or the wind is a little breezy, the elements often find their way onto your perfect white dress. Lint rollers can remove debris quickly and safely and help remove static cling, too!

#6 – Blotting Papers

These are great to keep on hand during day-of preparations but also throughout the reception. Humidity, dancing, and changes in temperature can take your makeup from glowing to oily quickly. Blotting papers are meant to absorb the oil but not the makeup, giving you a fresh look without having to reapply.

#7 – Straws

You’ll likely be having drinks as you get ready as well as throughout the evening. Straws are less likely to lead to spills and they also help keep your makeup looking flawless. No more smudged lipstick!

#8 – Heel Stoppers or Anti Slip Pads

If you have outdoor activities planned at the wedding, whether it’s crossing the grass to get to the limo or standing in the grass for photos, you’re going to want heel stoppers. They’ll prevent you from sinking into the grass and dirtying your shoes or possibly injuring yourself.

When it comes to the indoor portion of your wedding, anti slip pads are going to keep you from sliding around on the dance floor. Wedding shoes, and high heels in general, aren’t known for their traction. These pads will give you that extra grip you need to dance the night away… safely!

#9 – Mints

You’re going to need a breath refresh between the champagne toasts and snacks. Keep a small pack of mints close by. Not only are you about to have your first kiss as a married couple (which you’ll want to be minty fresh!) but you’ll also be talking with guests throughout the day and night. Keeping these on hand ensures you’ll stay fresh and they’re much more appropriate than chewing gum.

#10 – Tissues

Speaking of champagne toasts and guests, you’re likely to get a little emotional. Keep a pack of tissues on hand to prevent makeup running and to dry all those happy tears!

Like the rest of your wedding planning journey, don’t forget to sit back from time to time to really just enjoy everything that’s happening. You can’t anticipate each possible scenario, nor would you want to! Your wedding day is made up of all the little stories and personal details that happen in the in-between moments, the things that you can’t plan or control. And remember, you have the help of your family and bridal party, so if you need something, don’t be afraid to ask!

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