The Best of 2017 | Engagements and Couples

2017 was an awesome year for couple’s sessions and engagements! I got to travel to Boston, Niantic, Provincetown, and Rhode Island; and work with some of the best couples!  In keeping with tradition, I have compiled some of my favorite images from the past year.  But I have also included some tips for my 2018 couple’s and engagement sessions!

So snuggle up with your sweetie and check out these Five Fabulous Tips for to have the Best Couple’s Session:

1. My most important tip is to ENJOY yourselves. This photo session is meant to be a representation of your love for one another; think of it as a chance to break away with your babe and spend an hour or two hanging out at one of your favorite spots with lots of handholding and sweet kisses.  We will laugh, we will chat; and most likely the awkwardness of picture taking will just melt away.  And if not, we can always pop some bubbly 😉

2. I want you to choose a LOCATION that suits you as a couple.  Just because everyone has their pictures at a local park and they look beautiful doesn’t mean you need to too!  Think about your top three things to do together; do you like to hike mountains, watch football, read at the library?  This will help you narrow down what kind of location would be perfect for your engagement session.  It’s also likely to be a spot that you are comfortable and relaxed in. For example, if you love to drink craft beers, a brewery would be an awesome location.

3. When choosing your OUTFITS, try to coordinate with one another.  You don’t want to wear matching shirts, nothing says “Hello 90s” like matching shirts. Try to avoid clothing with logos, loud colors, or busy patterns. I suggest that people bring two different options, one fancier and one more casual. This can give you two different looks for your engagement photos. If you have chosen a location that doesn’t have easy access to restrooms, try to dress in layers so you can change up the look by removing layers.

4. Bringing PROPS, goes hand in hand with choosing a location that suits the two of you. Choose things that represent you as a couple, and things that you like to do together. Bringing your dog, a blanket, and a Frisbee would be perfect if that’s how the two of you would spend your time. Think outside the box when it comes to props; maybe your grandfather has an antique car, maybe you spend a lot of time on a boat. The possibilities are endless!

5. I suggest that brides invest in professional HAIR and MAKEUP for their engagement session. It can be a good chance to work with your makeup artist before your wedding day. Also, it takes the pressure off of you when you hire a professional to take care of your hair and makeup; a little bit of pampering never hurt anyone 😉 And when you feel fabulous it definitely translates into your photos.

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