Alex and Liz | Publick House Wedding

Alex and Liz were my first wedding of the year, and they started the season off with a bang!  We had our first real spring day with warm summer air and the beginnings of flowers on the trees.  They both got ready at the Publick House, where the ceremony and reception were.  They decided to do a first look, so that they could spend their cocktail hour with their guests….you all know how much I love first looks!  Alex and Liz’s first look was adorable, I love their reactions to one another.  Their bridal party (which was SOO much fun) had a Man of Honor, and groomsmaid….I love seeing couple’s use untraditional roles in weddings!  And I happen to be a groomsmaid for my brother’s wedding this fall 🙂

The ceremony was so sweet, with lots of tears and laughs.  And the reception was amazing…seriously, this group was so much fun!  Liz and Alex took the cake cutting to the next level with some smashing of it in each other’s faces!

I couldn’t ask for a better start to the 2019 wedding season!

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