7 Tips for Surviving Rain on Your Wedding Day

We’ve all heard that rain on your wedding day is good luck, but deep down, no one wants it. You make all of your plans based on the belief that it’s going to be a great day with perfect weather, but things happen… especially in New England!

Rain on your wedding day isn’t ideal but it doesn’t have to be a total nightmare. Spend a little time preparing for the worst case scenario before your big day and you’ll be more than ready for whatever mother nature decides to throw your way… as long as it isn’t anything too serious. We won’t even go there.

Planning for Rain, Hoping for Blue Skies

You might worry that having a plan for rain is like inviting it to your wedding. You aren’t going to jinx yourself by having a backup plan! I guarantee you’ll be so happy you prepared in advance and you’ll be totally unfazed and the coolest person in the room if it does happen to drizzle (or worse) on your big day.

Here’s a few things to do to survive rain on your wedding day:

Rent a Tent

If you’re having an outdoor wedding, you must have a backup plan. You can’t expect your guests to sit outside in the middle of a rain storm! Many venues have tents that they will put up in the morning if it looks like rain (there may be an additional cost for this). If your venue doesn’t have tents, consider renting one. It doesn’t have to be extravagant. Most party rental services have basic canopy tents that are easy to set up and don’t cost a fortune. You want to make sure you plan in advance a little bit, though. If the forecast is calling for a high probability of rain the week before, you’ll want to make sure you grab one or you may risk not being able to find one last-minute.

Hair and Makeup

You’re probably going to be wearing waterproof mascara anyway (hello, happy tears!) but rain will definitely take a toll on the rest of your makeup and your hair. Hopefully your bridesmaids can help if this happens, but you may want to consider a braid or messy bun if your hair freaks out when it gets rainy or humid. Always have your makeup on hand for touch-ups. This is a good idea even if it doesn’t rain!

Umbrellas in Bulk

You probably weren’t planning on a bunch of umbrellas being in your wedding photos, but if it rains, that’s what’s going to happen. Why not stock up on a bunch of pretty umbrellas in your wedding colors? Guests can stay dry and your pictures will still look cute. People will probably think you actually wanted it to rain!

Photo Props

Chances are, your wedding photographer has dealt with a little rain before. Talk to them about their back-up plan for last-minute weather changes. You might have had your heart set on sunny, bright photography, but try your best to go with the flow. Moody photography can be just as pretty, and if it looks like rain will happen on your wedding day, plan to incorporate some fun photo props like rain boots or an umbrella. It might not be what you had planned, but you might actually love your photos more when you embrace the elements.

Food Storage

You’re definitely going to need a covered spot to protect your food, beverages, and your cake from the rain. Even if the day starts out sunny and perfect, you will want to talk to your caterer or venue about what will happen to your food if the weather turns. If you’re hosting the wedding yourself (like in a backyard or at a park) make sure you have a backup plan, too. Maybe there’s a shelter where you can put the food or a tent you can set up if it looks like rain is on the way.

A Gracious Attitude

Of course, a rain shower or storm wasn’t part of your plan, but your guests are going to look to you to determine how to act. If you laugh it off like it’s no big deal, they probably will too. If you run around like it’s the worst thing that could have happened, they’re going to have a negative response as well. You never know, you may end up inspiring all of your guests to kick off their shoes and dance in the rain. Wouldn’t that be a fun wedding memory!

Rain on your wedding day doesn’t have to equal disaster. The best thing you can do to survive bad weather is to have a backup plan ahead of time, and keep an eye on the weather on the days leading up to the wedding. Even though there might be additional costs involved in renting a tent or buying umbrellas, you’ll probably feel a lot better knowing that you’re prepared.

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