5 Pieces of Wedding Day Advice That Will Save Your Sanity

If you’ve started planning your wedding, I’m going to guess your friends and family members who are already married (and maybe even some who aren’t yet married!) have shared tons of well-meaning advice with you. Some of it has probably been helpful, some of it… not so much.

Wading through the sea of wedding advice, tips, and best practices can be a job in and of itself. It can be enough to make you reconsider whether you actually do want to elope after all!

The last thing I want to do is add more fuel to the fire. However, I think it’s super helpful to get advice from people who don’t know you. You know, objective advice that doesn’t make you wonder if there’s an ulterior motive or veiled criticism hidden somewhere in it.

Below, you’ll find some real, helpful bits of wedding day advice from married folks who want you to have the best day ever and save your sanity in the process! Curious what they have to say? Let’s dive in!

Be an Overachiever

“Write thank you notes as gifts come in. Do not get behind, unless you want to spend your honeymoon crafting odes to the lovely Waterford from Aunt Mildred.” – Kelly Faircloth

I love this suggestion! Many times, you’ll receive gifts before your wedding from guests who can’t make it, or you’ll have a bridal shower for gifts. Start those thank you notes early so you can truly enjoy your first few months of being a newlywed without this task hanging over your head!

Guys, Make a List

“Bridesmaids are great at helping a bride remember everything. Groomsmen are less helpful in this regard, though they are more likely to bring beer.” – Mike Spohr

While I never like to make generalizations, Mike is not totally wrong here. For the most part, women tend to be more on top of things whereas a lot of men just like to go with the flow. Guys, if you want to make sure you don’t forget anything on your big day, make a list ahead of time! That will allow you to really enjoy every moment of your wedding without that dreaded “oh no… did I forget something?” feeling.

Shiny Shoe Syndrome

“I wish that I had broken in my shoes like I was told! I had a different pair, but the glitter shoes called my name—two days before we got married!” – Ellie Rohlck

Have you ever gotten shiny object syndrome over a pair of shoes? It happens! If you haven’t worn your wedding day shoes at all — or you decide to swap out your shoes last minute — you’ll want to make sure you give your feet time to get used to them before your wedding day! Guys, I’m talking to you, too! Who wants to limp around on their honeymoon because they have painful blisters on their feet? No one. That’s who.

A Wedding Day Scent

“Have your favourite scent as a room diffuser, natural oil or candle ready to go, and as you’re getting ready, a lovely aroma will fill the space. After the big day, that scent will always take you back to that morning – an added bonus!” – Karen Louise

I just love this piece of advice. Your sense of smell is closely linked with memory, perhaps more than any of your other senses. Choosing a scent for your wedding day will not only help you calm down and stay in the moment, it will also always bring you back to one of the best days of your life. Even when you’re 80 years old, you’ll have that little bit of your past to reconnect with.

Music for Everyone!

“Be inclusive and age-conscious with your setlist. A good rule of thumb is to select songs that are representative of the music each guest enjoyed during their teenage years, as well as a mix of current top 40 hits and classic crowd pleasers.” – David Baird

If you’ve hired a DJ or a band, you can probably leave this task in their capable hands, but if you’re putting together a playlist, this advice is priceless! If you’re not familiar with the hit songs from your grandparent’s teenage years, you can always search the charts online. Your guests will appreciate that you took the time to include their preferences in your playlist and you never know what kinds of memories will come rushing back to them!

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