10 Tips for Finding the Right Wedding Videographer

Today I am sharing some insider advise from Dmitry, owner and videographer of Embark Films.  I love working with him and highly recommend him, his style is so similar to mine and we work together really well.  He is talking about his 10 tips to find the right videographer for you:

1. Research! There are tons of videographers in your area that all have unique and different creative styles when it comes to filming and editing your wedding day. Take the time to do some research. It will save you a lot of stress in the end after you wedding day is over.

2. Figure out your style. Is the relationship between you and your fiancé fun and quirky? Is it romantic? Maybe dramatic? or are you two a more serious couple? Do you prefer someone who films everything candidly or maybe someone who is up close and personal? Figuring out your style will help you weed out the wrong videographers from the right ones.

3. Consistency is key. When scouting out the perfect videographer, check out their portfolio. Are they creating great wedding films on a regular basis and if so, are they producing consistently? If so, this means they know what they are doing when it comes to the editing process. You want to make sure this videographer does a great job at EVERY wedding they film, not just one good film out of 10 clients.

4. TRUST! You want a videographer you can trust. The last thing you need is to stress on your wedding wondering if your videographer is doing a good job and getting everything you expect. If you have a bad gut feeling when viewing their portfolio or when you meet them, move on immediately.

5. Price. This is pretty much the deal breaker for most couples but it shouldn’t have to be. Videographers who value their time and work price their services accordingly. If you are hiring a $4000 videographer, you are hiring someone who understands your needs, wants, and expectations. If you hire a $1000 videographer, you are hiring someone who will use your wedding as a learning experience. Do you want to hire someone to use your wedding day as a learning experience? Or someone who who will capture the entire day for what it is, a once in a life time, joyous, celebratory experience.

6. Compare Prices. Don’t be fooled by a cheap website and a few videos. I’ve seen videographers charge insane prices for their services because they know they can even though their work doesn’t match their price. But whats it to them if you decide to book them right? Compare prices and portfolios. Videographers charge $4000 for work that looks like $1000 and others charge $2000 for work that looks like $10,000. Do some research and you’ll find a diamond in the rock.

7. Stop negotiating. This should be a no brainer but it happens everyday with every vendor. Videographers sacrifice a lot just to be a part of your wedding and take on the responsibility of capturing your entire day. They sacrifice weekends, time with friends, family, loved ones, and spend countless hours editing your film. Videographers also have A LOT of expenses to pay for such as sales tax, business tax, traveling, lodging, music licenses, packaging, business insurance, etc. If you respect their price, they will respect you.

8. Professionalism. This is huge. When meeting the videographer, get a feel for their character. Do they take their job seriously? Do they strive to become better? What separates them from other videographers? What do their reviews say about them? Is their contract honest and straightforward or is it sketchy? Do they put in an effort to calling you or meeting with you? Search for videographers who are very humble and strive to become better and better. The last think you need is someone who thinks they are a celebrity because you are interested in their services. You are no peasant. Videographers should be grateful to be a part of your wedding day.

9. Music preference. The backbone of your wedding film, music will be the deciding factor if your wedding film will make you cry tears of joy or make you cringe and hide in a corner. Music is usually 100% chosen by the videographer but you should recommend some of your favorite styles of music so the videographers gets a feel for what your into. I’ve seen countless wedding films where videographers simply film a wedding, slap the footage to some typical main stream song and call it a wedding film. This is a cardinal sin and some couples don’t know the difference. Folk, cinematic, dramatic, indie, pop, rock, etc, there are plenty of styles, make sure you know what attracts you when it comes to watching a wedding film.

10. Hire with confidence. You are choosing someone to be a part an intimate part of your life. You are hiring someone who will be their with you from beginning of the day to end. You are entrusting someone with all your most important and precious moments of your wedding day. You want to laugh with this person and feel safe knowing this person is around you taking care of everything.

You can learn more about Dmitry, view his work, and see if he might be the right fit for you and your wedding; here.



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